Telemark kanal

If you are looking for the perfect combination of adventure, sport, fun, nature, why not go Canal kayaking with Heavy Water Adventure on the Telemark Canal!

This is a group arrangement up to 8 person, please contact us if You like to order this trip! Thank You!

Now we offer activity and wellbeing retreats: (relaxation Yoga before and after the kayaking, welcome to join!)


 2 days, includes sleeping outside, kayaking, yoga, meditation. An activity that gives a safe wilderness adventure that you will remember for a lifetime!


We supply kayak and safety accesories, transporting kayaks and guiding!You need to take Your own ten, sleepingbag and camping acessories, rainclothing, if You dont have please let us know!


 We meeting in Lunde in the Telemarkkanalkemping! The trip cost 1499 NOK per person(not included campingplace in Lunde!) For more info please contact with us! :-)